For each processing, Advens collects and uses only data that is relevant and necessary for the pursued purpose. The processing carried out on your data is carried out only through cookies in order to optimize the use of the site. This cookie management policy makes it possible to understand how Advens deposits and uses cookies and what are the rights attached to them
We therefore process your personal data, through cookies, to :

  • The management of the site, i.e. the proper execution of the services requested, the preservation of the user’s choices (e.g. language), etc. The cookies used in this context do not require the prior consent of the user to be deposited on his terminal. This processing is based on the interest of Advens.
  • The audience measurement management for the purpose of pure statistical analysis, in particular to adapt the Site to the requests and needs of users. This processing is based on the consent of the user.

This processing is carried out through cookies deposited by Matomo Analytics in order to count visitors and identify how they use the Site. Depending on their usefulness, the data is kept for a period of 12 months from its creation.

What are cookies and other tracers?

A cookie is a small computed file, a tracer, deposited and read for example during the consultation of a website, reading an e-mail, the installation or use of a software or a mobile application and this, regardless of the type of terminal used (computer, smartphone, digital e-reader, video game console connected to the Internet, etc.).
A cookie has a unique identifier assigned to the user’s terminal when the Advens Site is loaded into a browser. Cookies have various uses, some of which are necessarily necessary for the functionalities expressly requested by the user or for the establishment of the communication and therefore exempt from consent. Others, which do not meet these criterias, require user consent before reading or writing.
The cookie will allow Advens to remember the user’s arrival, actions and preferences (location, languages, font and other preferences) either as part of a single visit or on several repeated visits. It is not possible for Advens to identify the visitor personally. A cookie therefore makes it possible to trace your browsing for statistical or advertising purposes. They can be deleted manually or automatically.

Cookie Management

You have a few options for managing cookies. If most browsers are set by default and accept the installation of cookies, you have the possibility, to choose to accept all cookies, or to reject them systematically or to choose those you accept according to the issuer. You can also set your browser to accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis prior to their installation. You can also regularly delete cookies from your device via your browser. Do not forget to configurate all the browsers of your different terminals (tablets, smartphones, computers). Depending on the browsers used, the procedure may be different. Your attention is drawn to the fact that by setting your browser to refuse cookies, certain features, pages, spaces of the Site will not be accessible, which we cannot be responsible. In any case, you can go to the help section of your browser to find out how your browser allows you to choose which cookies you accept or refuse.
With your consent, the Advens site uses cookies and other tracers to store and access personal information such as your visit to the site.

Types of cookies used

The points below set out the types of cookies that the Advens Site uses. The purposes of all cookies are set out therein. An opt-in consent is required from the user who is informed by a banner directly on the Site. An absence of willingness to accept the deposit of cookies is understood as a refusal.

  • Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies cannot be disabled and are necessary for the proper basic functioning of the Site. They cannot be disabled in our systems. These cookies do not require consent: Hubspot
  • Functional cookies: These cookies make it possible to improve the functionality and security of the Site in a personalized way (authentication, adapted content): SRVNAME, Axeptio
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies make it possible to advertise on certain social networks mentioned below: Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Pixel
  • Analytical cookies: These cookies are used to measure the audience of users on the site: Matomo

Retention period and hosting

New visits do not extend the life of this information. Concerning the retention period of cookies used on the Site, it is mentioned in the list below:

  • Hubspot : 6 months
  • Facebook Pixel : 90 days
  • LinkedIn Pixel : 90 days
  • SRVNAME : Deleted after use
  • Matomo : 13 months
  • Axeptio : 24 hours

Your rights

With regard to the right of access to personal information concerning users, the right to rectification, the right to withdraw consent and to delete such information from the user, the user has the possibility to exercise it under the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, about the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 as amended.

You can contact the Advens compliance unit by email at or by post at 32, rue Faidherbe 59800 LILLE.