Your mission

As security architect, you will address our clientscurrent or ongoing needs. Whether it’s EDR, CSPM or new solutions, you will work with the technological support of our numerous partners to solve any issue. 

You will be involved in the entire life cycle of technology services, from selection assistance to implementation. And that’s including day-to-day operational management! 

More than a job

This is an opportunity to join an expert team looking for its next up-and-comer! Our team will provide you with a suitable training plan to explore and understand solutions before you can begin implementing them with our clients.  

Associated careers



You support our clients in the implementation and configuration of innovative security technologies. 


Security Architect

You create and build the most suitable protection, with highly secure designs, integrating all of our clients’ needs and requirements.


Security Operator 

As a member of our Green Team, you are involved in the day-to-day management of our clients’ protection technologies. You also contribute to the improvement of defence strategies and the optimisation of the use of the solutions deployed.


Technical Expert 

As the technology specialist of the team, you analyse and diagnose complex or specific incidents. You are also responsible for monitoring the operation and daily administration of the infrastructures entrusted to you. 

Technical Expert (H/F)

Lille, Lille, Paris, Paris
Security Technology 

Advens academy

Join the first inclusion program created for and by cybersecurity

Amongst young people struggling to find the right job, unemployed, without a diploma or even homeless, there are many potential experts. 

That’s why we are launching the first association-run cybersecurity inclusion programme, to train people within our business ecosystem. 

We want to awaken, raise awareness, train and then integrate young people into our sector. 

Our ambassadors