Your mission

Working at the very heart of our SOC, you are responsible for managing security incidents, whether they are detected by our SOC or declared by our customers. 

You guide them in finding out the causes and, above all, in fixing any incident. Your expert knowledge of attack methods and detection techniques makes a major difference. 

More than a job

The Advens SOC allows you to work in high quality conditions. Thanks to its innovative detection engine and machine learning capacity, you’ll be covering all facets of operational security, from detection to remediation. 

Facing a cyber attack is easier when you’re operating with the most superior security technologies on the market! 

Associated careers


SOC Manager

You get the most out of our services to enhance the operational security of our clients and enhance how they’re protected. 


Security Operator 

As part of our Blue Team, you are involved in the classification and processing of security alerts. You also contribute to improving alerting methods and all processes used. 


Security Analyst

You support your client base in the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities and abnormal behaviour – any threat that is likely to impact their information system. 


Service Line Manager

You are the expert guide. You support clients in the deployment of new protection services, and provide continued support as their businesses evolve.

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Security Analyst 

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SOC Manager

Permanent contract
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Cyber Defence 

Advens academy

Join the first inclusion program created for and by cybersecurity

Amongst young people struggling to find the right job, unemployed, without a diploma or even homeless, there are many potential experts. 

That’s why we are launching the first association-run cybersecurity inclusion programme, to train people within our business ecosystem. 

We want to awaken, raise awareness, train and then integrate young people into our sector. 


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