Cyber defence is not a technology problem, it’s a data operations challenge.  

Through our open XDR mySOC platform, we build and manage, alongside your team, the data stack needed to identify and stop sophisticated attacks. By orchestrating your technology stack and augmenting it with our machine learning detection engine, our service provides you with full visibility on all your on-premises and cloud environments.  

It’s time to arm yourself against attacks. Even the most sophisticated. For the good of your organisation. 

Bring your level of resilience to new heights.


of false positives


of intrusion tests detected

10 min

average detection time


average remediation time

They trust us

Take action. Overcome your operational challenges. 

  • 83% of attacks exploit legitimate access or processes not detected by anti-malware
  • 50% of companies do not have a process for addressing security incidents
  • 65% of SOC Managers say they lack visibility on key network perimeters

Attacks are increasingly more complicated to detect via traditional approaches. It’s difficult to follow trends and evolve with attackers in order to be able to confront threats. 

Your cyber defence operations must change if you want to achieve increased visibility, a more effective remediation time, and increased collaboration with the rest of your organisation. 

mySOC orchestrates your security solutions for you and makes your organisation more resilient. 

How does our mySOC service work?

Extended visibility on all your perimeters

Our platform sees everything, everywhere. Metadata, logs, alerts, etc., all your data from all environments (network, end-points, workstations and cloud) are collected and integrated into the platform.  

Intelligible and richer data

Our platform, Open XDR, standardises and enriches your data with our contextual sources to identify vulnerabilities and VIP assets, then aligns it with our CTI data (IoC & malicious IP). 

Multi-layered detection

Our machine learning algorithms identify and correlate behaviours or malicious processes to focus the analysts’ work, and limit false positives.  

24/7 protection provided by our analysts

The alerts sent by our platform are classified and prioritised by our analysts, who are available 24/7 and in constant contact with your operational teams. 

Rapid and automatable remediation

To optimise reaction time, our analysts conduct initial remediation actions or guide you through automating the launch of playbooks with mySOC SOAR. 

A portal that tells the whole story

Our mySOC portal provides you with the most comprehensive visibility on the effectiveness of your cyber defence operations, and the means to collaborate with our analysts to resolve security incidents. 

The result? Continuous improvement, ever stronger protection, and a business that continues to operate under the best conditions.

mySOC: a service adapted to the reality of your operations 

Complete visibility of your perimeters

  • Platform-agnostic detection technology (Open API)  
  • A data analytics platform capable of ingesting and correlating data from all your sources (end-points, cloud/containers, network, workspace & OT) 
  • A detection model based on behaviour analysis (IA/ML) and supported by a risk-informed approach (Open CTI) 

A risk-aligned orchestration of your cyber operations

  • A team of experts integrated into your organisation 24/7 (dedicated analyst, technology experts & CSIRT) 
  • A surveillance plan and technology trajectory aligned with the risks of your work 
  • Automatable remediation integrating your entire organisation’s CISO/CIO/business experts (+40 customisable playbooks orchestrated by our SOAR) 
  • Clear and shareable command of your security position via our client portal with configurable reporting 

A deployment model that adapts to your needs

  • 100% As-a-Service’ or ‘Bring your own stack’ 
  • Pricing in line with your financial trajectory 

How about we help you?


To decrease your exposure

  • mySOC Vulnerability Management

To increase your organisation’s resilience

  • mySOC MDR for End-points
  • mySOC MDR for IT
  • mySOC MDR for Cloud
  • mySOC MDR for OT-IoT

To maximise investment in your security solutions

  • mySOC Security Device Management