A service centre committed to 360° cybersecurity

We bring together all the skills necessary to respond to all of your cyber issues.

Whether it be governance, operational security, audits, architecture or compliance, you can rely on our team to provide the right skills and expertise for your needs. 

Much more than an interlocutor: a partner

Depending on your needs and the challenges you face, the scope of intervention must evolve. 

To ensure prompt responses ans reactions, a single point of contact is established for day-to-day operations, in a location as close as possible to your teams and your subjects. 

Guaranteed results

The CISO office’s work is divided into two parts.

  • A core function, comprising recurring activities.
  • A catalogue of on-demand services, triggered as needed.

To ensure the consistency of the missions carried out (and that they are in line with your requirements), your stakeholders are always the same. Each service is associated with service commitments, and is monitored during steering committees. 

Advens in numbers


specialists available


single interface for all your projects


units of work available in the service catalogue


catalogue developed for your context

Our ambassadors

Choose Advens, but why?

We support all your long term cyber projects, so that no threat is a hindrance to your activity. 

About Advens

A global offer

The combination of cutting-edge expertise and an ‘as-a-service’ approach. 

Labelled expertise

Services recognised by ANSSI security visas, and certified experts. 


A unique service that combines increased protection, agility and budget optimisation. 

Pragmatism & pedagogy

Accessible approaches, adapted to your needs and results-oriented.