Your mission

You will be asked to test the security features in place, on any given system, to detect any flaws. Needless to say, the job doesn’t stop there. You will also need to identify additional measures to further tighten security.

From intrusion testing to technical audits (including organisational audits and maturity assessments), this role is as varied as the systems you will be testing!

More than a job

For an offensive security specialist, there is no such thing as routine. Your missions are innovative, and focused on a range of unique areas. These could include connected objects, industrial environments, and cutting-edge technologies to name a few. 

You can also take time out between two jobs to do research, work on R&D projects and play with internal tools!

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From audit approvals to configuration reviews and compliance audits, your missions, always carried out in close collaboration with our clients, are varied.



Join the Red Team or Purple Team projects to perform penetration tests on any type of cyber environment. Whether external or internal infrastructures, web or mobile applications, heavy client, API, Industrial Systems, IoT, etc.

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Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes, Paris, Rennes
Offensive Security

Advens academy

Join the first inclusion program created for and by cybersecurity

Amongst young people struggling to find the right job, unemployed, without a diploma or even homeless, there are many potential experts.

That’s why we are launching the first association-run cybersecurity inclusion programme, to train people within our business ecosystem.

We want to awaken, raise awareness, train and then integrate young people into our sector.

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