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Industrial systems and connected objects are ubiquitous. 

When we talk about industry 4.0, we are not just referring to simple factory components, but strategic elements for many sectors. These include connected and biomedical health, warehouses and logistics 4.0, IoT, and smart cities. Sectors and strategic activities that we support specifically by adapting to each and every need. 

Understanding your challenges

Regardless of your cyber maturity or the nature of your needs: whether it’s securing a PLC, auditing a connected device, managing the contract for the use of a medical device, or monitoring the cybersecurity of your industrial park, etc. Our teams know how to adapt to each need and guide you towards the right level of protection for your business. 

Industrial environments are subject to very specific challenges: specific IT life cycles, specific maintenance periods and protocols, obligation of continuity, etc. 

With their extensive experience, our experts know how to respond with appropriate and effective methods. 

mySOC, much more than a SOC

More than a simple SOC-as-a-Service offer, mySOC is designed for the cybersecurity supervision of your industrial environments. 

Our platform interfaces with your security technologies, including probes specific to industrial information systems. 

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In numbers


weeks, on average, of partial or total production stoppage following a cyberattack


ICS vulnerabilities disclosed in H1 2021


of cases with a remote access service as an initial OT attack vector

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Offensive Security  

Offensive Security  

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Incident Response

Incident Response

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We support all your long term cyber projects, so that no threat is a hindrance to your activity. 

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The combination of cutting-edge expertise and an ‘as-a-service’ approach. 

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Services recognised by ANSSI security visas, and certified experts. 


A unique service that combines increased protection, agility and budget optimisation. 

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Accessible approaches, adapted to your needs and results-oriented.