A smart methodology, adapted to your challenges

We manage and conduct your audit programs for all your perimeters. We use agile methods that can be integrated into your various projects. 

We will find the best approach in line with your security challenges. A smarter approach for better protection and results. 

Improving audit methods – an arsenal to protect you

Our experts use every weapon in their arsenal to assess your level of security from an organisational, logical and physical point of view. 

  • Organisational and functional audit : To assess the level of general security and verify compliance with good practices and internal or regulatory requirements (ISO 2700x, PCI-DSS, GDPR, etc.). 
  • Architecture audit : To verify the level of technical security of an IS or an infrastructure, and the compliance of implementations with regard to standards or regulations. 
  • Setup audit : To verify the level of security or compliance of components with respect to internal or regulatory standards. 
  • Source code review : To identify, from the source code, all the security risks and development practices that can be improved. 
  • Intrusion test : To test a system’s or application’s security level and assess the risk associated with the presence of a vulnerability by carrying out an exhaustive analysis. 
  • Social engineering  : To measure your employees’ level of awareness about attacks which target human error through phishing, phoning or physical campaigns.  

An approach adapted to all your perimeters


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Attack to protect better

Exercises in real conditions allow us to test your defence mechanisms to better secure your IS. 

  • Red Team : A realistic intrusion campaign, inspired by scenarios already carried out by criminal groups, that targets the most critical elements of your work. A program that combines internet, social engineering and physical attacks. 
  • Purple Team : A series of attacks operated by the Red Team, with the Blue Team’s investigative monitoring, detection and reaction capacities, up to actually blocking the attacks. This combination improves your surveillance plan and all of your defence processes. 

A certified service with a guarantee of quality

Advens is a qualified Information Security Audit Service Provider (PASSI) on every scope of audit and intrusion testing. 

This certification label allows us to carry out the audits required under the French General Security Framework and in the French Military Programming Law. 

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We support all your long term cyber projects, so that no threat is a hindrance to your activity. 

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