Cyber Impact

Advens collaborates with Microsoft and Simplon to initiate a Cyber School

Published on 16 June 2022

On May 31 2022, Microsoft, Simplon and Advens announced an ambitious plan to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues and strengthen IT security skills in France. The Cyber sector suffers from a lack of talent and a lack of diversity. Advens is committed to deal with it. We are partners with Microsoft, which has opened with Simplon a Microsoft by Simplon Cyber School whose ambition is to train 100 job seekers in the first year.

It’s time to break out of the stereotype of the “hoodie hacker”. This remains a cliché that hides the wide variety of professions and skill levels required in the world of cybersecurity.

With the Microsoft Cyber School by Simplon, we seek to replicate what we have done on artificial intelligence: open these professions to more diverse, more feminine and more inclusive profiles. Our whole life is now on the cloud, so we need to train these professionals dedicated to the protection of these critical infrastructures, to secure our data, our economy and our country.

Frédéric Bardeau • President and co-founder of

This new cybersecurity training opportunity, developed in partnership with, offers training for all job seekers without prerequisites for a diploma or previous experience in the field.

We are very pleased that Advens is associated with the creation of the Microsoft by Simplon Cyber School, and to be the sponsor of the 1st Cloud & Hybrid Security Operator promotion.

This innovative program for under-represented audiences in our sector is a response to the shortage of the sector. This approach is fully in line with our desire to make Cyber more inclusive. Inclusion is undoubtedly a lever to strengthen the ranks of the cyber sector and to have a positive impact on our society.

By bringing together a global leader in tech, a leader in training and active pedagogy and a pure player leader in cybersecurity, we are helping to train the best cyber defenders of tomorrow. And we intend to take our entire ecosystem to support and integrate these new learners into the Cyber sector in the Cyber sector!

David Buhan • CEO Advens