When we protect a factory, a hospital, an authority, a bank, or a business, we at Advens go above and beyond to ensure the protection of their data and resources.

Protecting these organisations and making them more resilient to cyber threats means helping them fulfil their mission every day. An essential mission. And often vital.

It is this very purpose that drives us. Data security preserves our companies, our institutions, our territories, our rights and freedom – our way of life. Cybersecurity creates trust and protects us! 

It’s a good start.

But for us, it’s not enough.

Keeping the world turning is fundamental.

But change is urgent!

Companies have a major role to play in addressing social and environmental issues. And if our businesses help to protect the world and keep it going, our work should contribute to changing it.

To increase our impact, we created the ‘Advens for People and Planet’ endowment fund with a simple objective: to redistribute up to 50% of the financial value of our company. 

50% of our financial value is three times our annual turnover. 

This is a unique way to fund and accelerate large-scale, sustainable projects with lasting impact, which also engages our community.

Join us (or choose us), and let’s move forward together!

Let’s move forward together. 

“Companies and their employees have the power to change the world. Let’s act together and do our part!

Alexandre Fayeulle
Alexandre Fayeulle • Founding President of Advens
Detailed interview with Alexandre Fayeulle
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