Difficulty orienting oneself, attraction for a job, accidents of life, school dropout, poverty, exclusion … When they are poorly surrounded, badly advised, when they are not inserted into the traditional sectors, these young people are as invisible, left aside, left to themselves.

Yet they are an opportunity and we are losing exceptional talents who can help protect the world through their talents and diversity.

Training the talents of tomorrow, by focusing on young people and their unprecedented ability to invest and innovate through technology, is our challenge, with the help of all those who are in contact with young people, especially the most excluded.

Thanks to the involvement of associations, training actors and the cyber ecosystem, this integrated program makes it possible to act and have a concrete impact from the awakening to cyber risks and digital opportunities, to the sustainable integration of young people in the Cybersecurity sector.

The program will kick off with the launch of a 1st class of learners in November 2022.

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Sylvie Lepoutre