Thanks to a partnership with Share it and Latitudes, 2 key players in Tech for Good, we are launching the 1st acculturation and support program for Social and Solidarity Economy actors on cyber issues.

Associations, NGOs, social start-ups, etc. work for general interest and act on the ground for a more just and sustainable world.
Through a comprehensive program, we want to raise awareness, educate about digital issues and cyber risks, and provide them support so that they can fully integrate security into their development and serenely carry out their mission in the service of common good.

The program will kick off in September 2022 with a series of webinars and order made coachings for impact organizations.

Our impact Partners

Driven by the desire to use the potential of technologies for the general interest, the Latitudes association helps players in the digital world to act for a committed and responsible tech. It runs programs and a community of more than 750 organizations of general interest, 7,000 students and 3,500 professionals.

Share it is a Tech for Good accelerator created by Ashoka and web entrepreneurs, convinced that tech can help social entrepreneurs and their projects grow faster. Since 2018, Share it has supported more than 60 associations free of charge by developing with them digital solutions to serve their impact thanks to dedicated and quality tech teams.

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Sylvie Lepoutre