Understanding your needs: the first step in security

Your security approach must be perfectly adapted to your organisation. We rely on the analysis of the risks you face, your business challenges and your corporate culture. 

This is what allows us to build the most relevant strategy to develop, day after day, your cyber know-how.  

Building a strategy together & running your security function

All of the CISO’s and the sector’s work is taken into account as part of our support. 

We operate your security function using appropriate intervention methods adapted to your needs. This involves defining your strategy, risk mapping, drafting your information security policy, raising awareness among your teams or facilitating cyber governance. It’s a lot to consider! 

Focus on the long term with pragmatism & pedagogy

Protecting you without involving you makes no sense to us. We want to have a lasting impact on your level of security. This is why we help you progress through the transfer of skills, with concrete objectives to achieve. 

In numbers


Advens consultants located all over France


of CISOs want to place cyber governance at the appropriate level

3 million

more cyber experts needed in the global market

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Choose Advens, but why?

We support all your long term cyber projects, so that no threat is a hindrance to your activity. 

About Advens

A global offer

The combination of cutting-edge expertise and an ‘as-a-service’ approach. 

Labelled expertise

Services recognised by ANSSI security visas, and certified experts. 


A unique service that combines increased protection, agility and budget optimisation. 

Pragmatism & pedagogy

Accessible approaches, adapted to your needs and results-oriented.