Cyber firefighters to help you react

To react to any major incident, you must be able to rely on a team ready to intervene and able to propose remedial actions.

With a technical and organisational crisis management capacity, our CSIRT team is there to extinguish the fire and limit the resurgence of risk!

Guards to limit cyber risks

Knowledge of cyber threats is essential to reduce the risk they pose.

Cyber Threat Intelligence makes it possible to capture discriminating information specific to an upcoming attack as soon as possible. This includes information leaks, use of new infrastructures, etc.

Thanks to a dedicated team, we can anticipate problems and correct them as quickly as possible!

A close partnership

Our CERT work also involves cooperating with your operational security teams and our SOC.

Certification: quality guaranteed 

To attest to the professionalism of our methods and our ability to intervene in high-security contexts, we are engaged in a PRIS qualification process.

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We support all your long term cyber projects, so that no threat is a hindrance to your activity.

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