Technology that will help you meet your goals

Equipping yourself with the right technology is essential… But it is not an end in itself. Your tool must meet clearly identified security objectives.

We assist you in the process of choosing the best solutions for your security, from deployment to operational management.

Comprehensive control for optimal security

Not a single component should be left out. Your security must be integral.

That’s why we take everything that needs to be protected into account: including end-points, encryption of sensitive data, running your cloud environment, securing your industrial infrastructures and hardening of the Active Directory.

Thanks to our constantly evolving network of partners, optimizing your security technologies is simple!

Support adapted to your expectations

Whether for your overall protection strategy or for a given component, we adapt to your needs.

A technological diagnosis allows us to test your products and solutions in place, to evaluate their level of protection as well as your ability to control and take advantage of them.

From there, we provide support for the overall management of your technologies, according to a “Security-as-a-Service” model.

In numbers


single offer dedicated to all your technologies


technology specialists, from Build to Run


single network of several dozen partners

20 years

experience in cybersecurity technology

Why choose Advens ?

We support you on all your cyber projects, in the long term, so that no threat is a restraint on your activity.

About Advens

A global offer

The combination of cutting-edge expertise and an “as-a-service” approach.

Labelled expertise

Services recognised by ANSSI security visas, and certified experts. 


A unique service that combines increased protection, agility and budget optimisation. 

Pragmatism and Pedagogy

Accessible approaches, adapted to your needs and results-oriented.