As a member of our SOC, you will lend your expertise to your clients to strengthen their operational security and improve their protection by monitoring their managed services. 

Your mission 

  • Support your client base and ensure that they get the most out of the services offered by Advens through its mySOC platform. 
  • Work alongside them to develop their cybersecurity strategies. 
  • Run the SECAAS service using adapted governance: steering committee, technical committee, security committee, reports, service reviews, etc. 
  • Facilitate the restoration of security services by incorporating a business aspect. 
  • Ensure the ongoing development of services by adapting them to the client’s needs. 
  • Contribute to the development of mySOC services and offers. 

Your projects

Here are some examples of projects you could be involved in if you join us: 

  • A number of hospital complexes call on you to run their outsourced SOC service. 
  • Define the monitoring plan for an agri-food group based in France and internationally. 
  • Some major French broadcasters entrust you with the management of an MDR service. 
  • Work as part of the cyber crisis unit of the CISO of a social security group. 
  • A client’s SecOps team invites you to review the latest incidents to improve their SOC. 

So, is this the right job for you? 

  • You enjoy dealing with clients and being in regular contact with the organisations you protect. 
  • You take great interest in running a client’s cyber strategy: you are the one who challenges and helps them on a daily basis! 
  • You are flexible and willing to juggle different clients in different sectors. 
  • Even if you are not always on the client’s premises, you would enjoy visiting them occasionally to lead a safety committee, for example. 
  • Working in tandem with a Security Analyst, you will bring your strategic outlook to complement their tech outlook. 
  • You have a gift for teaching: explaining what someone should do to improve their security comes easily to you! 
  • With a general digital knowledge and a keen interest in Cyber, you are motivated to develop your skills in this field. 
  • Security and its challenges inspire you: it’s time to get involved with a dynamic, specialist and purpose-driven company. 

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Cyber Defence 

You are the first line of defence to protect our clients, handling incidents reported by our SOC and co-managing their operational security.


Our recruitment process

  1. Apply online
  2. Your job interview on-site or online
  3. You are rated on your personality and skills
  4. You join the company

You & Advens

Your job is key but within Advens, your mission is based on both professional results and social engagement. For each new joiner, we have 3 commitments :



A tailor made carrer


Flexibility and mobility

Increased flexibility to support your mobility and remote working wherever you are.


Engagement and solidarity

An impact web platform dedicated for our employees to support NFP projects.

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