Cyber Horizons

Introduction to responsible AI

Published on 08 July 2024

Just under 50 pages designed as a source of inspiration and information to allow you to navigate the fascinating world of AI with confidence.

Why write about trusted AI in 2024?

Algorithms are the silent architects of our digital age. They shape each of our interactions, decisions, innovations, like an almost magical force, invisible but omnipresent. This white paper is intended to be an introduction to the complex and captivating world of AI security because their power is accompanied by unique challenges that require detailed understanding and rigorous management.

For whom?

Intended for technology professionals, whether they are experts in AI or not, this document aims to pragmatically present the issues related to the security of these disruptive technologies.

We take the example of ChatGPT to illustrate these challenges, possible solutions and best practices for secure use of these tools. But of course, it’s not just ChatGPT.