An organisation is under attack: they urgently need your expertise and assistance to help them recover. 

Your mission 

  • Analyse the technical surveys carried out in order to identify the attackers’ modus operandi and objective, and to assess the level of threat. 
  • Provide, via an investigation report, remediation recommendations to ensure the attacked systems can be remediated and hardened. 
  • Recommend measures to circumvent and remedy the incident (remediation and hardening). 
  • Monitor new vulnerabilities, new technologies and attack methods relating to IS components, and develop investigation tools. 

Your projects 

More specifically, here are some of the projects you could take on… 

  • Join the incident response team set up by CERT Advens to assist a hospital that has fallen victim to ransomware. 
  • The management of an industrial company asks you to assist its crisis unit. 
  • Carry out a digital investigation to find the origin of an attack and identify the attacker’s TTPs. 
  • Together with a CISO and the IT department, rebuild a compromised information system. 

So, is this the job for you? 

  • Imagine a firefighter confronted with a burning building: that’s you when a company under attack calls you for help! 
  • You are quick to react. When a company calls, you are already on your way! 
  • You are able to handle difficult situations, reassure clients, manage pressure and create a sense of calm around you. 
  • One of your strengths is teaching: you like explaining situations, procedures for blocking attacks, what will be put in place to prevent it from happening again, etc. 
  • You monitor the situation on a daily basis, which allows you to understand how to react. 
  • Why work alone when you can do it as a team? 
  • You are extremely rigorous. 
  • Keeping up to date with cyber news is an essential part of your daily routine. 
  • Passionate about security and all its challenges, you want to join a dynamic company that brings meaning to its projects. 

Our recruitment process

  1. Apply online
  2. Your job interview on-site or online
  3. You are rated on your personality and skills
  4. You join the company

You & Advens

Your job is key but within Advens, your mission is based on both professional results and social engagement. For each new joiner, we have 3 commitments :



A tailor made carrer


Flexibility and mobility

Increased flexibility to support your mobility and remote working wherever you are.


Engagement and solidarity

An impact web platform dedicated for our employees to support NFP projects.

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